4 comments on “LSD and Dream States. Living Beyond the Symbols and Communicating with the Subconsciousness. Human Beings Having a Spiritual Experiences VS Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.

  1. Thank you for writing this, Ryan!

    I, too, have been a victim of following symbols too literally in both dream journaling and psychedelic experiences. I never heard someone speak about this issue before, nor offer your anecdote of awareness. I love this quote, “Awareness of how and why things have effects on you is the best medicine of all and then maintaining patience sitting with it after that.”

    I’m curious, have you done any work with lucid dreaming? Whether it be for therapeutic or simply “recreational” experience? I’ve been using it on and off for over ten years and think it can be an extremely powerful tool. Thanks for reminding me to keep up with my dream journal =)

    Safe travels in the physical world and beyond,

    • Joe, thanks for your words:) I am happy I propelled you to continue something that you felt was good for you. No, I don’t have intentional experience with lucid dreaming but perhaps think I experience it naturally a lot. It’s hard to tell because I have no awareness or training in it. It has been something I’ve been wanting to go more in the direction of. Maybe we can talk about it sometime or you can guide me to some good resources:)

      • For sure I’d be happy to chat about it. If you wanted a head start, Stephen LaBerge is pretty much the OG of lucid dreaming in the Western world and his book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” is a fantastic overview of everything from lucid dreaming techniques to applications. I also really enjoy “Dreaming Yourself Awake” by B. Alan Wallace which perhaps offers greater insight into Tibetan Dream Yoga, the first recorded accounts of people using lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice.

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