• Ryan arrived at my home with a huge smile & such positive energy! I felt from the very beginning I was in good hands.
    Totally focused on what I needed to make me feel better. He asked all the right questions & set up his table in record time. I knew the next two hours were going to be tough I’m a big guy with chronic pain but ryan talents put me at ease the moment he started. I have had many massages all over the world & hands down Ryan gave me the very best massage I have ever had, period. I encourage anyone needing or wanting a massage to book ryan. He is an amazing healer & I felt privilege to have him work with me. Five Stars Plus. Thank you Ryan for the pain relief the feeling today is priceless.    –Rob C.  (original review can be seen at at
  • I received a massage from Ryan as a birthday present last year – little did I know what an incredible gift it would be! Ryan came to our home, which was different for me – I’m used to going in to receive a massage – but it was actually so wonderful, convenient, luxurious, and comfortable to have hime in our home, that it started off everything on a fabulous note. The actual massage was wonderful – a perfect mix of relaxation and real bodywork that helped with a pinched nerve and some sciatica I was struggling with. Ryan was responsive, balanced, intuitive, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work, and I could definitely tell that as the recipient of his massage. Afterwards he showed me some exercises I could do with a tennis ball and a few stretches in case the muscle cramps returned, which was great; I really appreciated how much time he took to work with me before the massage to learn my needs, and after the massage to make sure I would be able to enjoy the benefits of his work for weeks and months to come. I highly recommend his services, enjoy!      –Justine H.  (original review can be seen at and at$zsPe5F6NA/ and
  • Ryan’s deep tissue massages are amazing! I have two young (heavy) kids and seemingly permanent knots in my shoulders and upper back. His massages are both relaxing and extremely productive. I feel like a completely different person when he’s done. The knots and tightness are gone, and the flexibility is back. Ryan also has great suggestions for ways to strengthen and stretch specific muscles. So helpful! I honestly can’t say enough great things. You won’t be disappointed.          –Sarah Imbriglio  (original review can be seen at and at$zsPe5F6NA/ and
  • Absolutely an outstanding massage therapist! Ryan could be a health instructor because his knowledge of the human body, how to exercise for specific “aches” and what to eat for maximum nutritional health benefits just pours out of him. He is very enthusiastic! I will definitely make a return appointment          –Barbara Keating  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)
  • I had a full body massage that really focused on some troublesome areas for me (hips and psoas). Psoas work is not something I generally request as it is a very deep muscle that requires real finesse, but given Ryan’s knowledge of the body and his willingness to really listen to my needs, I felt very comfortable having him work on this more internal muscle. Ryan provided one of the best massages I have ever had (and I’ve had many!). He is an excellent massage therapist and you will not be disappointed!          –Susan H.  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)
  • Ryan has trained me and given me some body work. He was so thorough and asked all the right questions during my intake. He showed me exercises that I’ve never seen before! His theories and beliefs are just dead on! He thinks a lot differently than most trainers and massage therapists it’s pretty amazing to see that. More importantly, it worked perfectly!  I’ve had this issue with my rotator cuffs since I was a child and never thought I could fix it. I always thought I’d just have to live with the problem. Ryan showed me some strengthening exercises that almost immediately started to fix this issue! I was completely amazed and I’m still using those exercises!          –Nick Holmes  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)
  • I was lucky enough to start getting massages from Ryan when he was practicing for school/certification. Before that point I’d had about 5 other professional massages, and had always leaned towards getting massages for relaxation, and stayed away from the trigger point work. Working with Ryan changed all of that for me. He talked to me about what I was looking for, and encouraged me to experiment with the more therapeutic styles including trigger point therapy and myofascial release. While it was a bit of a departure from what I was used to (where I used to be able to fall asleep on the table I was so relaxed), I have seen so much more improvement in my muscles. It’s still relaxing, don’t get me wrong, but I no longer shy away from the areas that are tender and hurt a bit, knowing that the more they are worked on, the more improvement I’ll feel. Ryan can do many types of massage, so it’s key for you to ask for what you want, and verbalize during the session if you want anything adjusted. The more he knows, the more he can help your muscles. These days I still get regular massages from Ryan, and I love the option of picking music that fits my mood (not just the typical instrumentals). Make sure that if you have a strict time commitment you let him know, he’s respectful of time, but will occasionally go over the hour to ensure that the massage is thorough. I highly recommend him for your next massage, or personal training/nutrition coaching for that matter, he has a great deal of knowledge of all three, and has taught me so many things that I’ve been able to apply in my life.          –Samantha Tabacco  (original review can be seen at and at$zsPe5F6NA/ and
  • I have known Massage Therapist Ryan Keating since 2012. He has massaged me several times with rewarding and lasting effects.  He’s very respectable, professional and knowledgable in his field of massage and personal trainer.          –Angela E.  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)
  • I have had years of receiving massage from various people and places, yet I cannot say enough good things about my experience with getting a massage from Ryan. I needed immediate assistance, particularly in my shoulder area before a demanding performance that evening as a orchestra conductor. I had hoped to have at least one, pain free performance that opening weekend. After I was worked on, I was astounded at how quickly my pain left me and how greatly my mobility increased. I conducted an entire musical theater show, 5 separate times that particular weekend, PAIN FREE. His attention to detail, as well as his knowledge of applying appropriate pressure where necessary, combined with easily communicating with me about breathing, allowed my muscles to get the release they needed.
    Not only have I used Ryan for massage, but I have also gained wonderful nutritional knowledge that I have put to immediate use. Since I am an extremely busy person, my life does not allow the time to research the information that I would like to receive about nutrition and health. I enjoy being able to trust and receive good, solid knowledge that I know is being shared with genuine enthusiasm and care for my well being.  I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and his services.          –Bethany Neese  (original review can be seen at and at$zsPe5F6NA/ and
  • Ryan is very knowledgeable in so many areas and has a very relaxing and effective touch! He has a professional and contagious personality! I admire both his eagerness to know more and his consistent care and focus to help people!          –Eileen Flemming  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)
  • The one important thing I remember when I worked with Ryan is his dedication to help relieve my pain and work on the source of the pain. Ryan’s knowledge of the body is impressive and help me understand how to fix the issues I was having. I look forward to working with Ryan again soon.          –Michelle Lopez  (original review can be seen at at$zsPe5F6NA/)

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