10/15…..Seniors Turning to Cannabis for Treatment Over Participating in Polypharmacy

—-Polypharmacy should be a bad word.  It is estimated that around 90% of adults over the age of 60 are taking at least one medication while about 30% are taking more than five a day!  Polypharmacy puts a person at risk for ADR (adverse drug reactions) which accounts for about one third of hospital visits in the elderly.  You are juggling (unsuccessfully I would support) with your own health if you are participating in polypharmacy.  It is a symptom of the old approach to health and the over prescribed obsession of the pharmaceutical industry.  Stand up for your health and don’t participate in such practices and consider leaning towards holistic approaches in terms of cannabis use for your health.  Cannabis use is a treatment option for various different conditions hence why it is used instead of polypharmacy and taking lots of different pills/medications..  Some of it’s most wide ranging uses include chronic pain relief, a sound night of sleep, and increased appetite loss and it has little to no side effects especially when compared to common pharmaceutical drug prescriptions and especially ADR.  Don’t let industry dictate your health choices.  It is your right to take care of your own health and not participate in the pill popping polypharmacy that isn’t working