Food as Medicine / Medicine as Food

3/17…..Making Perfect Green Smoothies and Info on Juicing

—–I’m so into smoothies! It’s like the gift that keeps giving in wonderful options for taste and excellent health.

An excellent documentary on the health benefits of juices and smoothies is called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix, about a man who was really unhealthy and on tons of pharmaceutical medication, and then decided to start juicing which led to his astounding health.

—-Whenever possible try to offset by buying juices, smoothies (try to always keep it more veggie based), and salads whenever you can. I plan my stops on the road with where I can get these. If nothing else Starbucks usually has at least one of these things. Taco Bell surprisingly has a lot of Vegan products as well that you can request and vegetarian/vegan Subway options is never the worst given the usually nil options of the U.S. road trip. The foods I recommend here will keep your baseline and body’s energy infrastructure operating in a balanced way where you’ll be able to tap into high energy levels during very physically demanding scenarios. It’ll definitely get a bit old eating a lot of the prepared things I bring with me on such trips, especially if you’re on a long trip but just remember that the counter to this is eating whatever you come across on the road which will be guaranteed to make you feel like shit and nutritionally depleted/malnourished, thus making it so you can’t enjoy yourself to the maximum possible level. Food is fuel and how are you going to fuel your body? We all know how easy it is to go the route of not thinking about it. That doesn’t work. Never again! Avoid avoid avoid! Have a thought process about it. Create some positive intentions. Enjoy yourself more, get more accomplished in work and play, and make others around you enjoy you too, all while being nice to the environment. Win win win:):):)

5/16…How the Bacteria in Our Gut Influences Our Minds

—–“…The symbiotic relationship between our gut health and how we feel is a hot topic of discussion and research. Scientists, physicians, and mental health practitioners are increasingly aware of the important relationship between the balance of “critters” in our gut and how we experience our brain, mood and emotions.

From a holistic vantage point our gut is known as the “second brain” and there are structural/anatomical reasons for this reference. The “second brain,” known scientifically as the enteric nervous system, consists of sheaths of neurons located in the walls of our gut. We refer to these sheaths as the vagus nerve and it runs from our esophagus to our anus, roughly nine meters long.

Due to the interconnectedness of our brain and enteric nervous system, via the vagus nerve, once our gut bacteria is out of whack, we are vulnerable to a pattern of emotional discomfort, usually marked by increasing episodes of anxiety and depression…”

10/15…..Eating Daily Turmeric Does Wonders For Your Body

—-Turmeric has been heavily linked to anti-cancer, liver detoxification, helping inflammation in joints, anti-oxidant, treatment for Alzheimer’s, takes heavy metals out of your brain, soothes eczema/itching, prevents type 2 diabetes, battles depression and promotes cognitive health.  And it’s delicious as well.  Need I say more?  Eat your daily turmeric.  About 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.

10/14…..Away With Medicine and Ailments That Can Be Cured And Prevented Through Eating Well

—-This video represents the most modern science related to nutrition.  Remember G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds).  Eat a whole lot of those and you’re doing pretty well!