Holistic Health

2/20…Learning: Needing, Forcing/Pushing, Allowing…and Privilege

—-A cactus is an example of a NEED.  They NEED a strong root system in order to live in such harsh, wild, hot conditions. Comparing cacti to most humans we might assume that we need absolute struggle in order to effectively blossom and survive. Perhaps that is just how a cactus operates and it isn’t a struggle or harsh, rather, just the conditions it needs to be healthy. We assume we know what the cactus is thinking or that it is a brutal existence sitting there in the heat, needing to look for water, but who are we to use our perspective of consciousness to assume to know what a plant is processing?


There is a dire need that leads to learning and changing.  It is a day to day situation with very little or no rest.  This situation produces either perishing or adapting and learning to change.  The environment shapes the person like the desert shapes the cactus.  There is far less choice.  The force and push is strong.  There is no allowing.  Learning just has to happen or else there are dire consequences.  There is no other or comparable mentality.  It just is what it is.  A natural nature takes over.


There is more choice and less need for survival. There is more privileged as we have the choice to force or push ourselves to change and learn. We don’t have to, after all, as there is no need that directly relates to us perishing. Because of our privilege, we think we can learn and change into anything we want because even if we fail, it is needlessly only a fail vs anything that will literally kill us or render us homeless, etc. There is a neurosis that comes about with this as we have the perspective of what we “should” change into and often think about why we exist. We continue plighting away at our lives, judging ourselves for not being better or wondering why it doesn’t feel different.


It is of a general allowance. You allow yourself to live your experience. You wake up every day living your present moment and perhaps being in alignment for what your day naturally encompasses, relying on a felt sense of flow vs any type of forced plan. The whole point of allowing is being able to observe your own life and to see how it can be allowed. We are often led to believe we are the manifestors of our own universe but this can’t be furthest from the truth. Most of our lives are given to us and then it is up to us to see how we can adapt and allow it all to happen. At best, we minimally dictate in the day to day choosing whether we want to go with or against the grain of life that is awarded to us.


12/19…Clean Air Living in Utah: Best Plants to Have in the Home to Combat Air Pollution

—-During the last 10 years of winters I’ve witnessed in SLC, there have always been enough storms to keep the inversion only at toxic levels for about a spread-out month or two at most during the whole winter.  The disaster scenario looming for Salt Lake City is that there will be a very cold, drought winter with very few or no storms and the area will see a whole 5 to 6-month winter of outrageously bad, air pollution toxicity.  Given the chaotic environmental disaster, crisis era we are in, it seems that this is not a question of ‘if’ this will happen but ‘when.’

In order to combat against this pending disaster of toxic air, there are at least plants you can keep in your home that purify the air in your immediate home setting.  Years ago, NASA conducted research into what plants are best for air-purifying.  They came up with and used on their missions these six plants.  They are:

  • Peace lily (seems to be the least needy and most popular option)
  • Spider plant (also good at taking care of itself)
  • Bamboo palm
  • Red-edged dracaena
  • Florist’s chrysanthemum
  • English ivy
  • I will also put small water fountains on this list as well as they are pros at humidifying and refreshing air

The reality of the situation is that much like nourishing ourselves with healthy food, nourishing ourselves with healthy air is just as, if not more, important.  We take it for granted, but if every breath we take is toxic then that is obviously going to turn us into creatures that veer very far from being our best selves.  The food we take in, the water we drink, the air we breathe are the energies that are being absorbed into our bodies and thus will define how we are in the world.  Why make life harder than it already is?  Pain and the human condition are already far too common and hard enough to deal with.  Such plants are easy solutions to create a lighter, healthier world.


12/19…Van Life Minimalist Existence. There Are Bathrooms and Showers Everywhere!  Overcoming Fear Conditioned Responses for How One “Should” Live and Living off the Excess of America Through the Joy of Fanny Packs!

—-When you have less you figure it out and the world still goes around in just about exactly the same way as it did before.  It makes you more efficient, creative, intentional with how you spend your day, and a whole bunch of other unexpected wonderful things arise. Our culture has been mostly and dramatically misled in that the key to less stress and happiness is in having a big house, and lots of things bought to go inside of it.

“Why did I waste so much time worrying about my old things?”, I constantly question myself in amazement. Our minds seem to be conditioned to be hoarders of ‘things’.  “I will need that one day” often dictates our thoughts, or we are preconditioned to jump towards comfort and for some reason ‘more things’ equals more comfort. To a small, specific point, yes, this is true, but for the most part this seems grossly false. More comfort for me has equaled spending less time worrying about things that I own, and spending less time working so that I can afford to acquire more of these ‘things,’ thus never ending the cycle. Once this amazing amount of anxiety ridden energy is freed up, it has been utterly amazing to see where this energy now goes in my life. The end result of all of this for me has been that I can do without around 95-99% of what I thought I needed, and even with this drastic minimalization my comfort levels and how I can operate normally in my day really haven’t changed much except for having loads more time, energy, and freedom to do more of what I deem important in life.


4/16…Anti-Cancer Essential Oils

—-The wonderful world of anti-cancer plants!

4/16…Stop Putting Harmful Ingredients Into Your Body Through Your Sweat Glands With Common Deodorants

—-I was extremely cynical when my brother recommended me to try the paste. It sat on my shelf for months and then one day I tried it. Upon trying it for the first time I swore that I would never use it again as I really don’t like armpits and in order to apply it, if you only have the jar of paste, is by putting it on your fingers and rubbing it lightly into your arm pit. Yuck, I don’t ever want to touch my armpits and actually have had a weird phobia in the past of sharing deodorants (weirdly, I’d rather share a toothbrush than a deodorant)…