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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
– Herophilus
Keating Bodyworks: Individual and Integrated Solutions for Optimal Health
—-$75/hr for most services—-
  • Soft tissue relaxation and trigger point manipulation through massage for muscle health
  • Personalized training for strength, endurance, flexibility/range of motion
  • Nutrition Coaching focused on anti-cancer, anti-inflammation eating lifestyles
  • Wellness Coaching focused on negative reactionary brain routines, vulnerabilities, overcoming ourselves, and critical thought
  • Crisis Support and Organization for feeling empowered, self-expressed, and becoming aware of practical environmental resources and inward explorations to create and sustain organized, efficient, less-stressed living

About Ryan

I was born and raised in Northern California, surrounded by beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and snowy mountains.
As a child I couldn’t sit still, and my parents were thankful for the other kids around in the neighborhood and the nearby park where I would play sports and run around in circles every day.  I excelled as an athlete, and played baseball into college where I received a Bachelors degree in History and a Teaching Credential in the Social Sciences.
After many years of investing my energy teaching in urban public schools, I found myself feeling physically and mentally drained.  In a profession that was dramatically under-appreciated, underpaid, extraordinarily stressful and challenging, I saw far too often those around me put their health and well-being aside as they focused on their careers and helping others.  From what I saw, this was often followed by a personal crash that led to chronic stress and health problems.  Thinking that there must be a better way to live, I decided to travel and teach English in Asia, South America and Australia.  I had many insightful adventures that led to me writing and publishing a few books of my own, and that really helped me achieve an openness with myself and the world.  When I returned, I had a renewed sense of purpose and focus, and I decided to take charge of my own health and well-being in order to help others.  I wanted to shift my energy from the classroom to a role where I could help those around me perform at their best.  I believe that everyone should be empowered to maintain the energy and positivity necessary to live their lives in a practical, successful, and sustainable way, in the midst of the stresses and pressures of daily life.
After making a personal move to Pennsylvania, I decided to enroll in a 16 month 720 hour Massage Therapy Certification program at National Massage Therapy Institute.  While I am trained and certified in many types of massage, I have seen the most benefit for myself and others with Deep Tissue, Range of Motion, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.  During the program, I realized that while massage alone has many benefits, the most effective results would also come from combining with exercise and nutrition.  I decided to further my training, and completed a 6 month, 500 hour Personal Training Diploma and Certification program through National Personal Training Institute and NASM. In order to round out the experience, I enrolled in a Nutritional Consultant program through Bauman College. While I am constantly learning in all three parts of these professions, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and insight that I’ve successfully implemented in my life and others.
As time has gone by I’ve gravitated towards helping people in different ways.  I work with individuals within the realm of crisis management/organization.  Far too often we don’t know how to handle situations that present themselves that can cripple us and hold us back as we try to improve our own lives.  This has been a very rewarding experience and an array of techniques (some traditional and some alternative based) are used with individuals as each person needs help with dramatically different things.  Above all else, it is important to be there for somebody and to help them with their own goals and struggles.  Often it takes a coach or a guide to tell someone how to tweak this or that in order to be in a better position for health and success.
Today I spend most of my time in Salt Lake City, Utah being socially and politically active and go home to San Francisco, California and the surrounding areas often.  I pursue happiness through my work with amazing individuals and my passion for living an active, healthy, and critically thought out life.

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