Personal Training

Your Personal Training session can be held either in my home gym, your home or home gym, my office, outside, or another location of your choice.  In order for me to travel to you, please ensure that the location is safe, comfortable, and has an open space to ensure there is enough room to work safely. Note that there will be an additional $25 fee to cover any travel longer than 15 minutes, and any costs associated with parking charges.  In the case that I would be traveling to your gym, you would need to cover any guest pass fees.
Personal Training Services and Pricing
I specialize in OPT (Optimal Performance Training), Core Strength, Eccentric Training, Isometric Training, Energy Systems Training, Olympic Lifts, Circuit Training, Balance Training, and Full Body Protocols. I also have certification and experience in Kettlebell and Suspension Training.
I put an emphasis on teaching clients how to SELF-TREAT their conditions for future well-being.
  • Free for talking on the phone to see if it is a good fit
  • $75 an hour.
  • I offer the same price to train multiple people
  • I accept cash, credit cards, squarecash, paypal (Credit cards an additional 3% applies)
Education and Certification Information
  • Completed National Personal Training Institute, 500 hour Diploma Program
  • NASM Certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

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