Positive Processing / Landmark

1/17…Engaging in Something Bigger Than Ourselves

—-We often think of “I” as that which goes on with us internally with our attitudes, moods, feelings, emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, etc.  We can also think of “I” through a filter of some theory, idea, memory, belief, etc. Being limited by either of those default places we associate with “I” doesn’t allow us to investigate the full potential available in being human both internally and externally.  We want to be a powerful “I” that encompasses all and can grasp what we originally considered to be out of our reach.  We want to expand upon the whole world in a different way.  We want to get out of our “default orientation” so that we illuminate, vs. limit, what we encounter day to day.


12/16…Unattachment in Love Leading to Healthy, Expansive, Empowering Love

—-Unattachment in love is purely the ability to love someone freely. Both people are able to come and go at will, without ever feeling like there is an expectation for a specific set of behaviors or timelines.  Communication and expression and holding space and intersecting your empowered life with your partner’s empowered life and moving on from there is the foundation of unattachment love.

In order to truly love someone this way we have to first name and sit with our wounds; our fear of abandonment, rejection and whatever else we have been conditioned, since birth, to expect from a relationship. Once we can do this work for ourselves, it doesn’t suddenly end, but rather becomes easier to navigate unattachment.  We understand that our feelings don’t have to do with the other person, but with ourselves.

Unattachment simply means that we are choosing to love in a mindful way.


—-We often gravitate towards things in relationships not because it’s what we want but because it’s what we’re used to. It’s part of the struggle of maturing and adapting and overcoming our pasts and actually learning how to stand for our empowered selves and who we actually want to be in the present and future. It’s part of learning how to unlearn. What would our personality actually look like if we didn’t have years of defense mechanisms built up that eventually evolved into our actually personality? What would that personality actually attract in people?…
—-The ability to feel my heart expand and then contract, followed directly by the fear that it will never expand again. Oh to be human is such a tender experience! I chose, and I continue to choose, consciously, purposefully, and on purpose to remain open. To remain fully alive and present in every moment, expanded or contracted, and feel the multi layered expression of how this existence affects me, and mine upon it. My wish is that every expansion and contraction of my being be greater and push my parameters always and ever onward, and please, with grace!
—-Options are mostly familiar, foreseeable and fall within our known expectations and are essentially forecasts based on our past interpretations. In this way, they are not exactly options but repetitions in disguise from our past leaving us with our old interpretations determining our future. True option and “choice” is another matter as being able to create is a profound human ability…

Original Landmark passage can be found here…http://landmarkinsights.com/2016/08/the-power-to-choose-is-uniquely-human/