Superfoods / Eating The Right Foods

3/17…..Vegan, Anti-allergy, Gluten Free, with Less Sugar, Cake and Frosting!

—-Not exactly a superfood but it is a choice desert for someone avoiding the 8 most common allergens and having somewhat less sugar.  We all need to figure out how to appease our sweet tooth ya know:)


3/17…..Making Perfect Green Smoothies and Info on Juicing

—–I’m so into smoothies! It’s like the gift that keeps giving in wonderful options for taste and excellent health.

An excellent documentary on the health benefits of juices and smoothies is called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix, about a man who was really unhealthy and on tons of pharmaceutical medication, and then decided to start juicing which led to his astounding health.


1/16…Brain Food and Power!

—-Short and sweet!  What better part of your body to try to cater to than your brain.  I don’t think Donald Trump uses any of these:)

10/15…..Great article on the benefits of superfoods.

—-The article focuses on aloe vera, bee pollen, maca, reishi mushrooms, goji berries, chlorella, hemp, and coconut.  I would also include coconut oil, cacao nibs, spirulina, blueberries, acai powder, other mushrooms like shiitake and maitake, avocados.  Try to find ways to get these in your meals.  Most easily can be put into breakfast bowls or on salads.  Any additional super food in your diet will only improve your well-being:)

7/15…..Are We Fatter From Eating Less Fat Foods?

—-From 1970 to 2000 we became obsessed with no fat and low fat diets and replaced fat with sugar in foods (increasing our sugar intake by up to 20%) and saw skyrocketed amounts of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.  However, today what we see is us actually eating 20% more fat than we did in 1970 and sugar rates are roughly back to their 1970 consumption levels.  We eat 30% more of grains (particularly white flour) than we did in 1970 and are basically eating more overall which has led to us actually being fatter vs one ingredient that has particularly led to us putting on the pounds.  And also, much like the article below, the quality of foods needs to be taken into consideration.  We are eating more because we are mostly eating nutritionally depleting foods and our brains and bodies are constantly craving more.  We are never satisfied as a result and always hungry.

6/14…..Eating More to Lose Weight

—-Calorie Counting while eating highly refined, processed, rapidly digestible, insulin producing, sugary foods works temporarily and never in the long term.  We often have an abundance of calories but they’re in the wrong places.  When we don’t eat nutritionally dense food our brains make us hungry and we temporarily solve the problem by eating more.  However, if the food is nutritionally deficient, and insulin creating, the process will go on and on leading to weight gain and slow metabolism.  Conversely, over consuming nutritionally dense and insulin decreasing foods speeds up metabolism and leads to weight loss.  The reason for all of this is that fat has been taken out of processed foods since the 1970s and replaced with refined carbs which lead to the malnourished problems mentioned here.  The food industry makes enormous profits from this practice as people are always in constant need of more food as their hunger and nutrition is never quenched.  Fats have twice the amount of calories as carbs and low fat diets have proven not to work for weight loss and overall health.  The old paradigm of having will power to calorie count and not eat when you’re hungry has nothing to do with being healthy and losing weight, rather, eating larger amounts of the right kinds of slowly digesting, nutritionally dense foods does.