8/16…Attuned to Being a Feminist Man

—-We live in a largely misogynist American culture and world that very commonly hates, distrusts, harasses, and looks at women as objects. Sadly, social norms cater to these views and many men impose such views often very directly and aggressively, and women who are trained in such ways as well by the misogynist norms, can impose them with equal effectiveness passively. How are we to know what to do about this with no education, no leadership, no vulnerability, no reaction, no conversation? Left to our own devices we will most often not end up as attuned feminist adults, even though we may think we are. How do we know how to name it when it happens and how do we know how to talk to people about it in ways that won’t cater to backlash when it comes up?

Becoming attuned to be a feminist man starts with other men and how they relate to each other. For men, a good place to start is eye contact. Men easily cater to communicating with one another mediated through a ‘man box.’ This involves barely making eye contact and when they do it is a brief sideline contact with the rest of the body in a flight-or-fight mode. This makes the eyes and body language say, ‘I’m really not connecting, I’m really not vulnerable, I’m really not fully here.’ Men don’t want to be seen looking, they don’t want to be exposed for caring. Their brains are leading them to a place that caters to the easiest way out. Men have been trained to do this.

What do women really want and need? They need help in repairing the harm of misogyny and don’t want to be stigmatized. Be the man that can give them a different kind of experience than the men who have harmed them. If this is difficult then go forth and take on that inner work. Own and recognized where gaps might be occurring and how your own approaches to social norms and ego and sexual/relationship power dynamics might be involved. As a man, make it clear that this issue overall is yours and many men’s responsibility to work on and not a failing problem in women or ‘others’ in general.


2/16…Linear thinking vs Stan Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and Inducing Psychedelic States 

—-…our consciousness is not from our brain. There is no observable evidence that explains even why or how or if even in fact our own consciousness exists. It is a part of the universe that is flowing through the brain and providing us with a vision of how the universe is developing and also showcasing that the universe is happening just as much within us internally. The ordinary state brain is an incredible reducing valve, far from giving us a full dimension of being…

2/16…Trauma, Transcendence, and the Birth Prenatal Matrix

—-…How do we get ourselves to a place where our suffering comes with a hint of perspective that can lead us to re-birth and transcended into a new being moving on from things that held us back before? The source of trauma can be long lived and have its effects on us forever until once again we are forced into another realm with death. Do we really want to wait that long? To be forced yet again by an unknown hand or mother to move on to the next world? That is not the only option. We can have more control than we think…