Two Meals a Day is Ideal But Which Two?

Intermittent fasting health benefits are astounding! Adults consider eating two meals a day spaced 6-8 hours apart and not eating anything within 3 hours of going to bed. You talk about a Paleo diet, humans spent tens of thousands of years never eating 3 meals a day.  We weren’t given the option of grazing continuously for 24 hrs a day. Overeating has astoundingly horrible affects on your body and creates a surge of free radicals (trust me, you don’t want those).  A number of beneficial health effects appear when your body goes through intermittent periods of fasting which include optimizing your life, creating stable blood sugar balance, and decreasing your risk of degenerative diseases and the likes of diabetes.  For insulin resistant people skipping dinner and abiding by this is a must for optimal health.


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