Wellness Coaching / Crisis Support and Organization

Your session can be held either in my home, your home, in my office, or over the phone. In order for me to travel to you, please ensure that the location is safe and comfortable. Please note that there will be an additional fee of $25 to cover any travel longer than 15 minutes, and any additional parking charges.
Wellness Coaching
Often times there are hurdles beyond physical needs and solutions related to why people can’t take on a more healthy lifestyle.  This includes just having the patience to hold space for people and someone who is willing to pick up the phone and be around for someone to talk through their struggles.  People often want to make healthy changes but just can’t due to concerns, questions, fears, reservations, insecurities, environments, expectations, etc.  A lot of the time we are the ones, within our own minds, holding ourselves back and just like a sports athlete or someone in need of observation and improvement, it is beneficial to have a coach notice what is hard to observe within us with a fresh set of eyes.  We spend a whole lot of our lives going through and re-confirming ways that we feel and believe and when we want to make change and somebody presents possible solutions the suggestions and change in general can easily come across as threatening and bad.  Many times, it is for no other reason than that the new observations/suggestions are just different than how one has seen themselves or approached their life day in and day out for so long.  We have to consider how our brains need to be worked out and exercised in a way where they will open up and accept positive change and how to handle the reactionary defense mechanisms our brains put us through to go back to doing whatever was routine and easy.  It is easy for our minds to be ignored and not given the wellness and healthy exercise it deserves.  Most of the time, it is not something we can see in the same way that we can our bodies getting out of shape.  A lot of my wellness relates to opening up and sharing vulnerabilities and understanding what is truly holding us back from being happy or achieving the things we want with our lives.  A simple connection through sharing while empathetically listening without judgement creates an atmosphere where someone is standing for you and often this is what propels people over the hurdle of being able to create and sustain positive change.  It takes repetition for our brains to go through this process no different than the repetition it takes for our biceps to get strong doing arm exercises.  Expect that it will be a mentally sweating process:)
Crisis Support and Organization
Lots of us go through life in crisis mode.  There are people holding us back, jobs, environments, our own thoughts, our past, our fears for the future and these situations are in need of someone who can help and manage the crisis and organize a way forward.  When we are in crisis mode we are not fully expressed individuals and we are held back from achieving greatness and being the empowered person we want to be.  We believe our lives are the way it is for a reason and we simply cannot do anything about our current situation or the past or future.  It can be a very hopeless and overwhelming feeling.  My strategies to helping people in these situations are creating approaches to get out of this mode.  Solutions can be very practical in the sense of just being introduced to societal resources that can help people organize and/or change their lives for the better.  Other solutions can be more complex and alternative in the sense of figuring out how to get out of your own head regarding who you think you are.  Breathing techniques or other holistic techniques can be used to help people see beyond their own visions and thoughts they commonly use day in and day out; a feeling of seeing beyond yourself.  Being in a crisis is not something to be taken lightly.  Having someone help out those in such situations and efficiently organize a pathway forward can be an invaluable experience.  We are all capable of changing our lives to cater more to what we want.  Common themes of people dealing with crisis are those going through severe or light trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety, sense of purpose issues, etc.
I put an emphasis on teaching clients how to SELF-TREAT their conditions for future well-being.
  • Free talking on the phone to see if it is a good fit.
  • $75 an hour.
  • Traditional and alternative forms of wellness and healing will be applied due to the complexities of what every person goes through and what each person needs.
  • I accept cash, credit cards, squarecash, paypal (Credit cards an additional 3% applies)
  • Client testimonies and reviews that speak to my effectiveness within the field of overall wellness, organization, and crisis handling.
  • Common themes relate to how well people deal with addiction, stress, anxiety, trauma, sense of self worth, being confident and secure, organized in their thinking and acting, etc.
  • Have worked with people going through complicated divorcees or others going through domestic violence or drug problems along with those in environments, relationships, jobs or mindsets that can easily be severely limiting without one realizing it.